Above the cold

06/10 - 31/12/2023

The project San Carlo is born in Cremona from a desire to create an open dialogue between contemporary art, the territory and the local community.

The project is meant to serve as an opportunity for the exchange, research, promotion and exhibition of contemporary artists, established on the national and international art scene, with the aim of implementing activities dedicated to art.

The project has been launched to promote contemporary art, understood as a language to investigate changes in society; as a tool of dialogue and a means to stimulate the participation of different types of public and activate environments conducive to innovation and change. The deconsecrated church of San Carlo, a site in the historical memory of the city and of the community, for many years abandoned, looted and eventually closed to the public, reopens to host the project San Carlo.

JESSI REAVES, Above the cold
06/10 - 31/12/2023

San Carlo Cremona is pleased to present Jessi Reaves, “Above the cold”, third show of the year 2023 to be held in the 17th-century deconsecrated church of San Carlo in Via Bissolati 33, Cremona, Jessi Reaves’s solo show will be on view from October the 6th until December the 31st. For the 2022-2023 biennium San Carlo Cremona has embarked on a collaboration with Servane Mary, an artist based in New York, who invited artists to exhibit in the church of San Carlo. Each exhibition is a site-specific presentation of an artist’s work.

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